Storage Tips & Packaging

Use the same size Sturdy boxes with bubble wrap etc. Easier storage organisation
Label each box and make a list of the contents
Consider insurance of your items.
Items must be dry, drain washing machines, fridges, freezer, and leave the doors ajar.
Put heavier items at the bottom of your boxes.
Cover delicate furniture with a dust sheet or plastic cover
Store mirrors or frames on their end, not flat.
Minimise moisture into the unit, avoid wet days to visit
Dismantle bulky items, keep and label fixings.
DO NOT store any toxins or flammables.

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We have cardboard boxes & bubble wrap for Sale on site

Small box (45x30x25cm) £1.50

Medium box (50x45x35cm) £2.00

Large box (50x50x50cm) £3.00

Bubble wrap (10mx60cm) £7.00

Packing tape – brown (roll) £1.50

Packing tape – ‘fragile’ (roll) £2.00

Single mattress cover £2.50

Double mattress cover £3.50

Armchair cover (x2) £4.00

2/3-Seater sofa cover £4.00

3m x 5m Dust cover £4.50
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